Ashwood Designs

Shelves & Cupboards

1/12th Scale Corner Shelf
Corner Shelf.
W61mm D38mm H69mm
SC160 8.50
1/12th Scale Cupboard
W80mm D30mm H86mm
SC161 16.50
1/12th Scale Wall Cupboard
Wall Cupboard.
W55mm D24mm H77mm
SC162 9.95

1/12th Scale Small Bookcase
Small Bookcase.
W80mm D26mm H89mm
SC165 12.50
1/12th Scale Cupboard 1/12th Scale Tall Bookcase
Tall Bookcase.
W80mm D26mm H127mm
SC166 13.50

1/12th Scale Plate rack
Plate Rack.
W133mm D23mm H75mm
SC168 12.50
1/12th Scale Plate Rack with Drawers
Plate Rack with Drawers.
W133mm D23mm H90mm
SC169 16.00

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